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Gigs Must Be Booked at least 30 days in advance but 4 months is preferred.

Booking With Song Requests

Below are links to my set list. These are the possible songs for your event that I am already comfortable playing. Once you book me and pay the deposit, you will send me a song request list from one of the set lists linked below. It is not guaranteed that all of the songs on your list will be played but I will make a concerted effort to include as many as possible in the given time, as well as any must have songs for your event. It is recommended you request more than enough songs, and put the ones most important to you closer to the top of your list.

I perform an average of 5-7 songs per hour. You may choose from the lists below, and upon booking, send a list equalling up to 10 songs per hour from one of those lists.

If you have songs that are not already on my set list, please specify which songs you would like and I will try to accommodate you. This may be best to discuss before you pay your deposit. Key, instrumentation, content, range, and vocal style is a determining factor in whether a song is one I will perform. So if you have a song that is very important to you that is not on my set list, it’s best to contact me first and make sure it’s a possibility before moving forward with booking me for your event.

Proper lead time is required for each gig. Under most circumstances I require a minimum of a 30 day lead time. This allows me to do a better job, allows you to request more songs, and makes the event more fun for everyone.

I will also include some of my original songs with your event. If you would like a specific one of my original songs performed at your event, you may include those requests in your request list. My discography contains all of my original songs which you can include with your request list.

No specific request lists will be addressed until an event has been booked, with a date locked in, event details, and a deposit paid. Once the deposit is paid, I will address your song requests for your event.

Click here to see my set lists:

Remember if you book in advance I can always add more songs.

Set List (All Songs)

Jazz Standards Set List

Musicals Set List