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Stolen Moments

Release Date: October 21, 2021
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My Stolen Moments album is just that: an album full of stolen moments. This last year, my husband was working from home. So I lost my office (and mini-studio). Oh the fights and fighting for a quiet time to make my music. Oh, the drama in me finally figuring out the way to haul my keyboard and computer desk into my bedroom so that I can still have a workspace… and oh the recordings I made with my iPhone.

So yea. There is maybe one song on this album I did comps for? Look next time I’ll switch back to Pro Tools and I promise that right now I’m sitting at my desk with my keyboard at my side in the quiet space of my room, now fully adjusted to his permanent at home work method.

But my album? Stolen Moments? Yea every song on here I had to fight for the time, quiet, and space to make it. So iPhone recordings, yes. Single tracks capturing the live performance, yup. Mastering and mixing? Sure a little where I could but the heart of this album: Shining in the darkest of rooms so that others can see the light in you and therefore the light in themselves. This too shall pass. You are not alone. We can steal this tiny moments for ourselves to shine into the world.

I’ll have tracks and mixing on my next album. This one was me trudging through a dark world encroaching on my space, in order to find a new hidden she shed for my soul. ¬†With love, Stolen Moments.