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A New Day

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Release Date: December 9, 2016
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This is the one published album I have that I got help with. I had a blast at the Dark Horse Studio, in Franklin, Tn. First I published some music on Youtube. Then some folks from the Extreme Tour found me, and invited me to a workshop in Nashville. I took my whole family including my one year old. I got to pass out a demo which I put Amazing Grace, It’s So Easy, and one other song on. Mr. Smiley liked my style (believe it or not) and loved my Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist song (tee hee). We worked together on this EP by me sharing my upcoming song ideas with him. He listened and helped arrange two of these: All Cuz Of You and I Am Woman. He also set me up with some really amazing musicians to play on my album, then mixed and mastered it for me. So here is me sounding about as good as I can sound. Except for one thing. Wouldn’t you guess? I got a mild cold right when we arrived. But I still pulled it off a bit yea? Enjoy.