I am an independent singer-songwriter from Florida. I performed my first solo when I was 6 years old and have continued singing throughout my life. As a teen I discovered the theater and jumped headfirst into musicals. I have played principle roles in such shows as: The World Goes ‘Round, She Loves Me, Once Upon A Mattress, and Working. 

I started writing music lyrics down and practicing chords on the guitar when I was 18 but wasted a whole lot of time not playing in front of others at the arts school where I got my Musical Theater degree.  I am a proud Floie here! If you know what that is drop me a line.

I spent 3 years in various Pop Ensemble singing groups which was a blast! I even spent some time at Miracle Strip Amusement Park in the Entertainment department as a part of their shows “Hit City” and “A Family Affair”, by Heartbeat Productions. 

Now I self publish music. Some good, some amazing, some off beat, and some you just may not be sophisticated enough to understand. What? That’s the only reason someone could possibly not get my music, right? The secret is: I’m a thespian and these should really be listed as musicals most of the time but that’s not an option with my distributor. Soundtrack maybe? Comedy songs? Why are these not options? 

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Anyway, if you’re still reading, you must really have something to say. Need to contact me? Shoot me an email. I might check it.

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