Stolen Moments Album on Amazon

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Yes I have submitted my new Stolen Moments album on Amazon! Well here I am just now getting my music website up and running after a few years of taking a break from web developing. I moved to Florida, taught music, hid away from the pandemic, took Jazz Music lessons, had a surgery to remove a weird dermoid tumor (yay?), walked around with a cane for awhile and now feel like I’m getting my strength back. My blood is strong and I am ready to work.

So I published music too in the last few years. I just didn’t have my site up. But now I’m getting super organized. I updated all of my discography to BandCamp. I created some neat playlists on YouTube and connected my official distributions to my official channel. I didn’t hold back on my lyrics envisioning the conspiracies that abound around us right now either, which brings me to my latest pondering about Amazon Music.

My latest album, Stolen Moments just simply is not appearing on Amazon Music after almost a month. I know I used the correct kHz and bit rate for my distributor, and have emailed Amazon and my distributor to see what the issue is. I’m just wondering if it’s because of my lyrics? Naw, that would be paranoid of me.


December 18, 2021. My album finally showed up on Amazon! Yes! You can find the buy link on my discography page for the new release.

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